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Harpoon: Current State

October 17, 2016
programming projects

Harpoon is a flexible chat client for common protocols - written in C++ - and will stay online when you aren’t. You will get push notifications for private messages when you are on the run.

Here are some screenshots of the current state:

Those screenshots need a little description, so here you go:

Harpoon consists of a server program and three different clients: Web/Desktop/Mobile.

In the first screenshot you can see the browser interface (topleft), whereas in the second screenshot you can see the desktop client.

The project is still work in progress as some essential parts are missing. Those are showing the backlog, user login and yet server configuration. In the next few updates those topics will be adressed and i will keep you up to date.

If you have questions you can find me on IRC. Just click the following link: freenode.net channel #harpoon.

Follow me on twitter, watch the project on github, read my RSS or join #harpoon on freenode.net to receieve status updates. :)

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